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Insolvency Practitioners in Birmingham

Has your company received a payment demand letter from a creditor? Are you often short on cash and unable to manage normal expenses such as loan repayments, staff payroll and administrative fees?

Companies that constantly run out of cash are at a high risk of becoming insolvent in the future. If this is a situation your business is currently experiencing, it’s essential that you speak to an insolvency practitioner to find out more about your options.

  • Could your company become insolvent?


    If your company can’t pay its creditors, it could already be insolvent. Companies are insolvent when they’re unable to pay their creditors, or when their debts exceed the value of their assets. Both situations require immediate attention from directors.


    As the director of your company, you need to take action as soon as you find out that your company is insolvent. Our Birmingham insolvency practitioners can give you a detailed roadmap towards recovery and real advice to save your company.


    Our insolvency practitioners can help you


    Our experienced insolvency practitioners in Birmingham have dealt with hundreds of unique company insolvency situations. Whether you’re out of cash or you simply have concerns about your company’s spending, we’re here to help you.


    We can analyse your company’s financial situation and provide detailed advice on the best steps to take to facilitate a recovery. From proposing a CVA to entering into administration, we understand the insolvency process and the available options.


    As a concerned company director, it’s understandable that you feel stressed about your company’s future. When you speak to our Birmingham insolvency experts, you will get the advice you need to make the best decision for your company’s future.




    Has your company run into a financial roadblock? Non-paying customers, loans that have grown out of control and interruptions to cash flow can all put your company in a difficult financial position that affects its ability to continue trading.


    Entering into administration allows your company to protect itself against the risk of a winding up petition being filed by creditors. An administrator will be appointed to run your company and attempt to facilitate a complete financial recovery.


    Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)


    Does your company need some help repaying its debts? If your company’s debts are taking a toll on cash flow and have made it insolvent, proposing a CVA – a Company Voluntary Arrangement – is a suitable solution.


    If your creditors accept your CVA proposal, your company could have some or all of its debt written off, reducing its financial burdens. Many CVAs also lengthen the time your company has to repay its creditors, significantly easing its financial pressure.




    Companies that can’t recover through a CVA or administration often enter into the liquidation process. Liquidation involves the closure of a company and the sale of its assets as part of a process to raise funds and pay the company’s creditors.


    If your company doesn’t have a viable commercial future, the liquidation process is a suitable option. Your company’s creditors will be repaid through the sale of assets, allowing them to recover some of the amount they are owed.


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    Do you need detailed, specific advice to help your company recover? If you would like to know more about the options available to your company, our Birmingham insolvency practitioners are here to help.