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Insolvency Practitioners in Essex

Our team of Business Recovery Professionals and Insolvency Practitioners in Essex have an excellent reputation and a proven track record for finding practical solutions to your business or personal financial problems.

Is your company facing financial difficulties? Companies can become insolvent for a wide variety of reasons, from cash flow shortages to unforeseen circumstances that put a stain on their finances.

If your company is experiencing financial problems, whether it’s a shortage of cash or debts that place your company’s solvency at risk, our experienced team of Essex insolvency practitioners is here to help.

  • Is your business insolvent?


    Your business is insolvent when its liabilities, including any and all debts, become greater than the value of its assets. It can also become insolvent when it’s unable to pay off its debts on time.


    These two forms of insolvency are known as balance sheet and cash flow insolvency, and both can threaten your company’s financial stability. If you think your company could be insolvent, it’s essential that you seek qualified, expert advice immediately.


    How FRP Advisory can help


    With 13 offices around the UK, we’re one of the UK’s most trusted business financial advisory firms. Our team of Essex business recovery experts can give your company the advice, analysis and direction it needs to make a financial recovery.


    If your business is unable to pay its creditors, we can provide detailed advice on an extensive range of solutions, ranging from administration to alternative options for your company, such as a Company Voluntary Arrangement.


    We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses before and understand that every situation is unique. Our experienced team of insolvency practitioners in Essex can give you the advice and help you need to keep your company moving forward.




    If your business is insolvent but still viable – for example, it can continue trading if its current debts are managed – entering administration could be the best choice for preserving your business and helping it recover.


    We can provide advice about the administration process so that you know exactly how it works and how it can assist your business. As insolvency practitioners, our expert team can help your Essex company through the administration process.


    Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)


    If your company is insolvent and you’d like to remain in control while it recovers, a Company Voluntary Arrangement, better known as a CVA, is an excellent option for protecting your business against legal action and facilitating a recovery.


    A Company Voluntary arrangement allows your Essex-based business to negotiate a new arrangement with its creditors regarding its debts. Under a CVA, your company could write off part of its debts and extend its repayment period to creditors.




    If your company is insolvent and no longer viable (for example, you believe it cannot continue trading) the liquidation process allows you to wind up the company to pay back its creditors, in part, using the value of its assets.


    During the liquidation process, your company’s assets will be sold in order to repay creditors and the company will be closed. Our team of insolvency practitioners are here to assist you with all aspects of the liquidation process.


    Contact us today


    As one of the UK’s leading business financial advisories, FRP Advisory is here to help you and your business navigate any difficult financial periods. Contact us to speak to one of our insolvency practitioners and learn how we can assist your business.