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Insolvency Practitioners in Leeds

Are your company’s debts growing out of control? Interruptions to cash flow, new and unexpected competition and creditor pressure can all force your company into an insolvent position, making its future uncertain.

As one of the UK’s most trusted and experienced financial advisories, FRP Advisory can help you or your business analyse your current financial situation and build an effective plan for recovery or creditor repayment.

  • Does your business need financial help?


    Is your business insolvent? Companies become insolvent when they are unable to repay their creditors, or when the total value of their debts becomes greater than the total value of their liabilities.


    Does this sound like the situation your company is facing? Whether you think your company is currently insolvent or you’re concerned about becoming insolvent in the future, our team of Leeds insolvency practitioners is here to help you.


    How we can help your business recover


    FRP Advisory has 13 offices around the UK specialising in business and individual financial advice. Our experienced team of insolvency practitioners in Leeds assists large companies, small businesses and individuals alike with their financial issues.


    If your business is facing a difficult financial situation and no solution appears to be available, we can help you explore your options and find out which financial choice will help your company or your personal finances recover.


    We have seen a huge range of different business and individual financial problems in our years of operation. No matter how desperate your situation might seem, our insolvency practitioners can give you the advice and solutions you need.




    Sometimes, companies can become insolvent despite having a business model that’s viable and effective. If your company is burdened by debt but has a future, entering into administration could be its best way to continue moving forward.


    During administration, our insolvency practitioners can chance the way in which your company manages its finances and operates in order to lead it towards a far more stable, secure and solvent financial future.


    Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)


    Is your company under pressure to repay its creditors? If you’re worried that one of your company’s creditors could issue a winding up petition, proposing a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) could be its best option for eventual recovery.


    Under a CVA, your Leeds company can negotiate a change to its debts and payment arrangement. A successful CVA could result in your company being given more time to repay its debts and a reduction in the total amount it owes to its creditors.




    Insolvent companies that are unlikely to be able to continue operating can enter the liquidation process. During a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation, company assets will be sold in order to raise funds to repay your company’s creditors.


    Liquidation results in the closure of your company, making it a suitable option if you believe your company has no chance of recovery. Our Leeds insolvency practitioners can help you and your company move smoothly through the liquidation process.


    Contact us today


    We’ve assisted many individuals and businesses, and we understand that dealing to financial issues can be stressful. Contact our Leeds insolvency practitioners today to learn more about the options available to you and your business.