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Refinancing Required

Re-financing gives your struggling company the cash it needs to pay its creditors and continue trading.

Is your business struggling to access the cash it needs to pay suppliers, contractors and staff? When your cash flow is limited, raising finance is one of the most effective ways to get your business back on track.

As a struggling company, however, accessing finance can be difficult. Many lenders are uninterested in offering finance to struggling businesses without high interest rates, which can often make re-financing completely uneconomical.

By comparing different banks, your company can find its most effective options for raising finance and secure the cash it needs to keep operating and avoid cash flow insolvency.

Do you have questions about raising finance for your business? Contact us to learn more about how your company can compare lenders and access the finance it needs to continue trading.

Introduction to FRP

  • What is finance for distressed businesses?

    If your business has run into challenging times, raising cash can sometimes be all it takes to push it back into financial security. However, as a struggling business, it can be extremely difficult to secure finance from many lenders.


    Our experienced business recovery team has worked with a wide range of different lenders and can prepare an independent bank report to help your company find out where it can access the finance it needs to continue trading.


    We also have access to a wide range of individual investors and companies that are looking to invest in businesses. If your company has a viable business model that is in need of temporary financial support, we may be able to help you.


    Can your company access financing?

    Re-financing gives your struggling company the cash it needs to pay its creditors and continue trading. In order to access finance, your company will need to be able to make a recovery and continue trading once its creditors are repaid. 


    Investing in a struggling company can be risky, and as such most investors will want to see that your company has the potential to recover, once it’s paid its creditors and worked through its current financial situation.


    In order to access emergency financing, your company will need to have a history of successful trading and a clear path towards recovery, indicating that once it receives short-term investment, it can work towards a full and complete financial recovery.


    What are the benefits of using finance? 

    There are several benefits to using finance to help your company recover. One of the biggest advantages is that it allows your company to avoid insolvency and the often complex insolvency procedures that can follow.


    By raising emergency cash, your business can pay its creditors and avoid having to enter into a Company Voluntary Arrangement or Administration. It also prevents a winding up petition from being filed against your company by its creditors.


    In the short term, re-financing lets your distressed business pay its creditors and relieve the pressure it’s under. In the long term, it lets your company take a step towards a full financial recovery.


    Contact us to learn more about raising finance

    If your company is struggling and could soon become insolvent, raising finance is an excellent way to put it back on the right track. Our independent bank report can give you the perspective you need to choose the right financing option for your business.


    Our business recovery experts have provided advice and assistance to hundreds of UK companies. Contact us now for a free initial meeting to learn about raising finance for your distressed or struggling business and find out how we can help your company recover.